Thursday, July 23, 2009

More ThingsThat Annoy Me

Well, I found a few more things that annoy me. I find myself being pissed off by random things.I now feel the need to vent. Maybe I should go hang out with Dallin.

Fast food restaurants with someone who barely speaks English running the register. Seriously, it's ridiculous. If I can't understand someone when they ask me if I want small medium or large their is a problem. I have no problem with minorities working, but please, if they can't speak clear enough English to ask me what I want to drink have them work the deep friar. And it's not like this is an isolated incident. It's starting to happen more and more frequently. I may go crazy.

People in the self check-out lines with 2 carts of groceries. Hey, RETARDS, it isn't made to check out your entire months worth of groceries in one shot!! It's made for the guy buying a Gatorade so that he can have a speedy and pleasant trip to the grocery store. He doesn't want to wait behind your dumb ass for 10 minutes just get his drink. I watched someone today scan literally 6 bags of groceries. I was pissed. I wish I was more confrontational so I could tell people off.

Utah drivers. Today someone sped by me, cut me off, then slammed on their brakes, forcing me to slam on my brakes. Stupid B!^%#. I cannot figure out why someone would do that. It makes absolutely no sense. Then there are the people who don't know how to use a 4-way stop. The first person who reaches the stop sign has the right of way. You aren't doing me a favor by waiting and then waving me on. You are wasting my time by making me wait for you to go. You are disrupting the normal flow of things, and you are pissing me off. Idiot in the ford pickup today. Plus the dick who sneaks through when it isn't his turn. I hope you get in a wreck.

Getting stood up. This is ridiculously irritating on multiple levels. Here I sit blogging at 10:30. What were my original plans you ask? To hang out with girl. Maybe watch Wayne's World. I have wasted the last two hours waiting for a phone call, or at least a text message. I missed a damn camping trip to get stood up and I'm pissed. I love camping.What the hell. I probably wouldn't have minded so much if I had received some form of communication telling me she wasn't coming. Is there no common courtesy left in the world? And I was going to watch Wayne's World with her. That's a big deal. I was actually looking forward to this.Meeting someone new, breaking out of the norm. For those of you who know me, you know I don't just go out and meet girls by myself. I go out on a limb, and how am I repaid? By getting stood up. This is bullshit. Pardon my french.

A few more. All this Micheal Jackson ass kissing, my bank not giving me a credit card(I can have an $11,000 car loan, but not a credit card.), how boring my life is right now, douche bags, people who try to talk to me while working (if i wanted to talk to people at work I would have applied at a call center, leave me the hell alone), the TV controller not working, people not looking when they cross the street (one day you are going to get ran over, and its going to be your fault dumb ass), people who run at night(also your fault for getting ran over dumb ass, make time during the day).
I'm sure there are other things that irritate me, but I can't think of them right now. Let's hop I'm not so pissed of tomorrow.