Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another one down

I just celebrated my 23rd birthday. Now comes a year of no one liking me. Its a hard life. It wasnt exactly my best birthday, but it had some hilights.
1. Reading the happy birthdays on my facebook wall. Gotta love facebook.
2. Having a job interview and getting the job. I will now be employed after over a month of being lazy. Its a good thing too, because the funds are getting a little low. In fact, my birthday kind of saved me in that department. I am now working for precision concrete, with my fellow bad A's Corbin and Jordan
3. Wnning a couple games on fifa 09
4. Slapping Tyson
5. Receiving text messages throughout the day. Being somewaht of a loser lately, I dont recive many texts.
6. Road tripping to Washington

20 effing 3 years old. Am I an adult now? I dont consider myself one. Oh well

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