Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Moment You All Have Been Waiting For

New post. Things i do while not being able to sleep.

Lately I have been sleeping less and less. It sucks because I am a person who like to sleep. My former 8-10 hours is now down to 4-6 hours. It may be the lack of a job school, maybe its because i sleep on a couch. Maybe I am turning into Grampa (mine, not yours). The reason doesnt really matter. The problem is what do I do with those extra 4-6 hours of wakefullness?
One answer is blogging. I have been neglecting my blogging responsibilities for awhile. Thats my bad. I have now decided to dedicate some of my extra time to blogging
Movies. I love watching movies. But the problem is movies arent being cranked out fast enough to satisfy my hunger. I dont want to overwatch my favorites (Waynes World, Dazed and Confused, Braveheart, etc...) The good part is that I watch them for free thanks to a friend I call thepiratebay (also a good friend of boogoths). I have even watched movies that I know are going to be super lame. 2-3 movies a night is a lot of movies. 728-1092 movies a year. 1456-2184 hours of movies (based on your average 2 hour movie). Time well spent.
Facebooking. If you need a good timewaster than facebook is your best friend. Endless possibilities of wall posting, photo commenting, poking, status updating, stalking. The fun is endless on facebook. I could spend hours reading peoples walls (if it didnt make my head hurt finding out how retarded poeple are, myself included). If each day i spent 5 minutes on each of my "friends" profiles that would consume something like 8.5 hours of my time. Thats rediculous.
Then there is always the blank stare into darkness with only my wacked out thoughts for comfort, hoping sleep will overtake me unexpectedly.

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Anonymous said...

Dude! I presented Jake to Piratebay. He's my friend too. BAM!