Wednesday, August 20, 2008

99.9% of all rap songs suck huevos. Here are 5 that don't

As you may know I hate rap. I think it sucks. It's all a bunch of posers trying to convince everybody that they get action every day, right after they kill someone. Or it's about how much drugs they do and how hard there lives are. Give me a freak of nature break. Despite all of these things their are a few jams I can't resist. Here are 5 that don't Suck. These might not be my favorite rap songs, just 5 that don't make me sick.

Dre and Snoop. Aint nothin but a G thang.

Ice Cube. Today was a Good Day

Easy E. Boys n the Hood

Biz Markie. Just a Friend

Blazin Hazen. Average Homeboy


Em K DUB said...

Robert. . . .my friend, we gotta talk! While I respect your choices, I think somebody needs to give you a little Hip Hop 101 and you'll be singing the rap games praises in no time! I agree the same old sex, drugs, and my life is rough subject matter is lame, but Rappers like Eminem, Kanye, and Jay Z are undeniable awesome and are way more creative with their lyrics and topics. . . I dare you to rebuttle

Robert Neil said...

Im not saying eminem isnt a genious as far as the rap thing goes, Im just saying I don't like his music.Don't even get me started on that piece of $#@% Kanye West. I can't fault Jay Z. Beyonce. That's all I have to say. To close I will NEVER be a hip-hop fan.

Marisol said...

You write very well.