Friday, August 22, 2008

The World is Back in Balance

Rising gas prices suck. Their's no way around it. But it's not all bad. Gas prices are putting things back to the way they should be. Soccer moms are no longer driving huge 1 ton pickups. They're back in their minivans, where they should be. No longer do we see wnna be cool guys drivin jacked up trucks. They are back in their gay ass suped up honda civics where they should be. The only people that should drive trucks are those that need them. Namely farmers, construction workers, and a few others. And I hate H2s


Susan said...

Dear Rob,

Don't swear. You know your mother wouldn't want you to. Especially in public.

Aunt Susan

Tyson Pyle said...

Dear Oldest School,

Nice post about how d-bags drive jacked up pickups. I hate em. Sometimes when I'm driving by them I just want to take a gun and riddle their truck with bullets. I wonder how cool they will think they are when they are wettin their pants cause they think I'm going to shoot them.......


Susan said...

Dear Tyson,

You are a brat. And you know why.

Your Mother
(or Robert's Aunt Susan)

Anonymous said...

tyson u are too funny.