Thursday, August 7, 2008

Things that piss me off

I have noticed lately that there are some things that down right piss me off. Most of these things have to do with the stupidity of other people. I wish people had more common sense, then I wouldn't be so irritated. So here's a list of things that have pissed me off lately. People who bring their small children to the late show of a movie. A couple weeks ago I was sitting in the theatre waing for the Dark Knight to start with my fellow blogger Mitch Poth. In walks a lady carrying a 2 year old. This is stupid on many levels plus poor parenting. This kid should not be up passed midnight in a theatre. If you can't find a baby sitter, stay home. It's called being responsible parenting. Plus this kid is not interested in batman, he's going to get tired and cranky and then start fussing. At which point I get irritated because some kid is crying while I am trying to watch a movie. It's called a matinee. Inconsiderate drivers. Idiots. They just don't get it. Example: Driving on the freeway there are two lanes. The regular lane and the fast lane. If you want to pass someone don't do it while going 1 mile an hour faster than the passe thereby taking an hour to do it. Do it quickly and get back over in the other lane so I can be on my way. It's called the hammer lane for a reason. Hammer down. Another example: Drivers that don't do the speed limit. If the speed limit is 60 with heavy traffic coming the other way making it impossible to pass, do not do 55. Next time it happens to me i may be forced to ram them. I've thought about it a few times. Or maybe force them off the road. I may have road rage. Here are a few more things that piss me off, how expensive food at arby's has become, a crappy blizzard i had at dairy queen, crappy sunday school teachers, self righteous holier than thou people, the packers didn't keep brett favre, cascade grocery no longer carries 64 oz. fountain drinks, and chapped lips.

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