Monday, September 1, 2008

DO IT!!!

The future wife of Jeff Hardy. Seriously, his parents are trying to set him up with this chick.
Lisa Crump
# 13
Defender - D
OUTLOOK: Lisa is a strong defender, and is very good in the air... Should see a good deal of action off the bench for the Wildcats on the back line... Has recorded four career points on four assists.


Tyson Pyle said...
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Robert Neil said...

even better. soccer chick for weber state

Jen and Rob said...

he's been buggin me how he wants to make out with this chick on the first date

Tyson Pyle said...

jeff likes to make out on the first date

Anonymous said...

u need to update the blog!! and i want my o.c back
sunny lynn

Tyson Pyle said...

dude seriously new blog post before I kidney punch you.....or just beat you at RON.